This award recognises new production techniques and tools that take advantage of internet connectivity.

Other finalists (in alphabetical order)


The Digital Mobile News Gathering (DMNG) System is designed as a contribution solution which captures, encodes, and delivers live or delayed video & audio from the field to a central point utilizing any combination of IP networks. The system is designed to maximize throughput and thereby maximize quality/resolution.

Reelway – Media Asset Management

Offered on a Software-as-a-Service basis, Reelway Media Asset Management is a cloud-based platform offering all the functionality of an enterprise MAM system including material management and transfers, trancoding, browse preview, rough-cut EDL support, metadata annotation and management.

SatStream – EventStream

EventStream is a bespoke service designed for broadcasting live events - typically acquired from satellite feeds - over the Internet. The modular service incorporates production features, such as VOD production, adding pre-recorded material to form a playlist and adding multiple language commentary to appeal to international audiences.

Streambox – Streambox Live

Streambox Live is a many-to-many mobile video contribution and distribution service that allows users to capture and send video. This cloud-based service supplements the Streambox platform of products with free encoder software and services for scalable newsgathering and contribution.

Teracue – H264 HD-SDI Encoder

This lightweight portable H264 HD-SDI encoder is designed for live streaming applications where single TV channels, camera signals or monitoring feeds are distributed or published on a network or the internet. The ENC series creates and transmits video streams through LAN, WLAN and 3G mobile networks.



Presented for the innovative components, software, modules or sub-systems that will help shape the successful products and services of the future.

Other finalists (in alphabetical order)

ACCESS – Netfront Browser DTV Profile HbbTV Edition

Netfront™ Browser DTV Profile HbbTV Edition is a modular and extremely compact, scalable and upgradeable platform-independent software solution that enables OEMs, middleware companies and operators to upgrade or launch HbbTV-capable devices and services quickly, efficiently and affordably.

Civolution – VideoSync - 2nd screen

Civolution's VideoSync – 2nd screen synchronizes broadband-delivered applications on a companion device with the TV program. The technology allows the automatic identification of the TV channel currently being watched and/or the content being played. Upon identification, the solution enables accurate real-time synchronization between content played on TV and mobile devices.

Movea – MoveTV

MoveTV builds on Movea's knowledge and experience of the computer games technologies to extend motion-control to set top boxes, IPTV and connected TVs. With established relationships with different ecosystem partners, Movea is creating a complete MoveTV solution for deploying and monetizing motion services across the entire interactive TV environment.

NAGRA – MediaPlayer

NAGRA Media PLAYER (NMP) is a complete solution for service providers to securely extend the TV experience to open consumer electronics devices including PCs, tablets, smartphones and more. NMP can deliver live, linear and on-demand content, from free-to-air to high value assets without compromising on security.

Oregan Networks – Onyx & Media browser

Offered as Onyx to consumer electronics manufacturers, content providers and broadcasters looking to provide TV-centric internet content on mainstream non-PC devices and as the Oregan Media Browser to network operators and IP service providers, Oregan's browser technology is powering a variety of connected TVs, STBs and online content services.



Presented for new transmission technologies and techniques that will support the on-going explosive growth in internet video traffic.

Other finalists (in alphabetical order)

ARRIS – XD Access Module

Deploying XD CAMs in their existing CMTS footprint is a cost-effective and elegant way for service providers to boost the capacity of their data networks. Offering the flexibility to mix and match configurable upstreams and downstreams to meet service demands, the XD CAM also assures SPs a higher quality experience.

Broadpeak – Bk100 Mediator

Broadpeak improves the efficiency of content delivery via managed content delivery networks or the open Internet by offering a single interface to delivers content to mobile TV, Internet TV, IPTV, and cable TV networks. The technology enables the deployment of cross-terminal applications like "follow me TV."

QoE Systems – Q-Master 2

The Q-Master2 SW and System test solutions are the first tools that the incorporate ITU's J.341 dd Jan'11 recommendations on video quality measurement. It enables its users to test video quality for all formats, on all platforms and thereby assure the viewers a better quality experience.

RGB Networks – Video Multiprocessing Gateway

RGB's Video Multiprocessing Gateway/TransAct Packager solution delivers live and on-demand video to all end-user devices. It enables providers to deliver content online with pristine picture and sound quality that has been optimised for whatever viewing device the end-users choose, regardless of content format, network or location.

Vidiator – Xenon 6.0

Xenon 6.0 is a streaming and encoding platform which enables broadcasters and operators to encode and stream premium video content globally to multiple devices.
This single solution can reach Flash and Silverlight players as well as iOS and Android smartphones and any regular handset.

ZiXi – multimedia transport solution

ZiXi is a multimedia transport solution that enables broadcasters, enterprises and OTTs to deliver broadcast-quality HDTV globally over the cloud. ZiXi's platform delivers more affordably than traditional satellite or fiber links, retaining high video quality and low latency, without the service degradation problems common to IPTV.



Sponsored by Harris in recognition of Ian Collis

This Award acknowledges the technologies, devices, service or applications that are expanding the 'business of content everywhere'. The reward rules permitted entries in other categories to be re-submitted in this category.

Other finalists (in alphabetical order)

Avid – InGame

Avid InGame is an end-to-end video production solution that enables sports marketing organisations within leagues, teams and facilities to deliver thrilling fan experiences as well as drive enhanced brand visibility and revenue. The solution helps deliver a more exciting game experience while generating higher fan attendance and advertising revenues.


tving is an n-screen video distribution platform from Korea that provides 130 live TV channels as well as a catch-up VOD library of 30,000 show episodes. With a "Content Everywhere" business model, tving functionality allows viewers to go beyond simply viewing content and enjoy content with more value-added services and information.

MobiTV – converged media platform

MobiTV's converged media platform is a convergence solution that supports multi-screen distribution for TV and on-demand across connected devices. The platform, an upgrade of the MobiTV's established US managed service platform, gives network operators the ability to stream live TV and on-demand content across multiple platforms to provide TV audiences with a truly converged experience.

Redefine – ipla

ipla is an application that makes it possible to broadcast TV shows live on the Internet and to watch video materials from its own online database. Ipla also functions as a video player allowing users to consume AVI, Flash Video, MPEG, MP4, Matroska, Real Media, Real Media, Windows Media, 3GP, Theora Video (OGM) and QuickTime file formats.

Samsung Electronics – Smart Hub

Samsung's Smart Hub enhances the TV experience by allowing users to access video content from linear broadcasting, smart TV apps, the web and other connected devices connected to the home network by means of a single unified and easy-to-use user interface.

Streambox – Streambox Live

Streambox Live is a many-to-many mobile video contribution and distribution service that allows users to capture and send video. This cloud-based service supplements the Streambox platform of products with free encoder software and services for scalable newsgathering and contribution.