This award is designed to recognise the individual who has made the most significant or unexpected impact on the connected content scene during the past year. Readers of ConnectedWorld.TV were invited to submit their nominations. Nominees could be a vocal evangelist for the concept of 'Content Everywhere', a thought leader from the broadcast, digital media or telecommunications industries, or even an independent content creator whose work has gone viral. A shortlist of six nominees was put to a vote on ConnectedWorld.TV during August 2011.

Other nominees (in alphabetical order):

Cameron Janes, is Director, Amazon Prime Instant Video, the division of the online retailer which is developing a professional video content distribution business

Richard Kastelein is a social TV & media convergence visionary and founder and publisher of

Leo Laporte is a technology journalist, webcaster, content-everywhere evangelist and practitioner. He is a founder of - This week in technology"

Nidish Parikh, Chairman, DNLA Board of Directors the industry organisation dedicated to promoting and enabling the interoperability of consumer media devices

Masayoshi Son is chairman of Japanese internet innovator Softbank. The company is famous for having announced a corporate vision that looks ahead 30 years



The Connected World.TV Broadcaster of the Year is the broadcaster considered by the judges to have done most to advance the concept of 'content everywhere' by demonstrating a clear vision of how the Connected World can complement traditional broadcast distribution.

Other finalists (in alphabetical order)

BBC News (UK)

The BBC News service for connected TVs is the first BBC television service that will be available to audiences across the globe. It brings together - video and text - two strengths of BBC News in a new and immersive experience for a TV device. As the interface has been specifically designed for connected TVs, it takes advantage of the high quality displays common on these devices, with visuals that make the most of HD.


As a subsidiary of the top media group CJ, CJ HELLOVISION is Korea's largest cable operator with 3.3 million subscribers. Under the name of HELLO TV, digital cable is provided and includes about 120 broadcasting channels and 50,000 VOD episodes. Since September 2010, the tving service has delivered 130 live channels and a catch-up VOD library to PCs, tablets, and smartphones as an n-Screen service.

TV5MONDE (France)

International French-language channel TV5Monde is reaching out to new international audiences with a connected TV application which offers a catch-up service, REVOIR; a channel devoted to successful African TV programs called TV5Monde + Afrique and a youth channel Tivi5Monde+. The 10-language EPG, which is continuously updated in real-time, provides schedule information for the previous day as well as the next seven days. Customised versions reflect the nine variants of the channel distributed to different regions around the world.

Czech TV / Visual Unity (Czech Republic)

Originally developed for Czech TV in 1999 and continuously updated since, allows viewers to watch Czech TV online in HD or optimized for mobile devices. The service also provides access to a huge Internet archive of more than 150,000 clips, equivalent to more than 1800 days of footage.