This award recognises new techniques and concepts that help content producers and service providers create new revenue streams online.

Other finalists (in alphabetical order)

Artklikk – fullXS

fullXS™ facilitates the creation of iPhone, Android and Windows 7 mobile applications capable of delivering LIVE and VOD video content to users. The system, which includes flexible advertising and payment options, eliminates long and expensive mobile application development programmes, creating customised mobile applications in matter of minutes.

Brilaps – Veedios

Veedios™ is a cross-platform app generation tool that brings video content to new audiences. Users can browse, search, and enjoy videos when it is convenient for them; on-line and on-demand. Applications can be published on many of the top mobile and connected TV platforms in just a few minutes.

Pace – Pace App Café

A white label service enabling cable operators to offer 'apps' through a store-front format, the Pace App Café is one of the first app stores available through a set-top box. Apps can be developed in-house or by third party developers using the App Café's Software Delivery Kit (SDK).

Smartclip – UTAI

Universal Television Adserver Interface (UTAI) is a new advertising technology designed to standardise and simplify video advertising on Connetcetd TV sets. UTAI allows brands, media agencies and publishers to work from one IAB-compliant ad format for both TV and Internet based advertising. Supported reporting metrics include multiple impression-, view-through- and click-trackers.

Snell – Morpheus

By delivering rich metadata directly to online or mobile applications, Snell's Morpheus playout automation system creates new opportunities for synchronising the delivery of additional information about a programme to a secondary screen such as a mobile, tablet or laptop. This capability allows online advertising to be synchronised with product placement.



Presented for service delivery platforms that provide online video service providers with their ability to create new propositions and differentiate in the market.

Other finalists (in alphabetical order)

Advanced Digital Broadcast – Connected TV Portal

ADB's Connected TV Portal equips operators with a complete tool to quickly and independently develop and launch over-the-top services on multiple screens. Incorporating ADB's award-winning CarboTM interface, it makes over-the-top services available on entry-level set-tops and provides viewers with one-click access to services.

Amino Communications – Freedom Jump

Freedom Jump enables cable and satellite operators to deliver OTT content without the cost of changing out existing set-top boxes. This compact "companion" box – powered by the CE4150 Intel® Atom core and MeeGo™ - brings a new layer of content to premium pay TV offerings.

Aspiro TV – Standard App

Aspiro TV's Standard App includes a variety of white-labelled mobile TV and VoD streaming solutions that can be adapted for any platform and any market.

The service is offered with converged billing across all platforms and is provided to operators across different markets in Europe.

Coeno / nacamar – OnTeVe

OnTeVe is a white-label online-platform for social TV and video which enables access to and interaction with both mass-media-channel television and the internet on modern TV-sets. An intuitive HbbTV-based user-interface allows users to rate and recommend program-events, check what friends have rated and browse through archived media-content of broadcasters offering OnTeVe.

NDS – MediaHighway

NDS MediaHighway is an enabling technology for next-generation converged TV services that dramatically enhances broadcast services and minimises the cost of STBs by separating hardware and software layers. This allows operators to add new functions to deployed STBs without disrupting the service and enabling a consistent branded look across boxes.

Swisscom – Swisscom TV

Using the Wowza Media Server 2 and encoding from Harmonic, Swisscom Swisscom TV deployed a service delivery platform capable of bundling advertising-free delivery of live and on-demand video to customers' smartphones, tablets and home computers for a single attractive subscription price.



Awarded in recognition of advances in content security.

Other finalists (in alphabetical order)

NAGRA – Multiscreen

NAGRA Multiscreen provides all the capabilities required by a service provider to securely manage, promote, sell and distribute their content as part of a multiscreen television service. The offering includes digital asset management, advanced service management and delivery, content protection and a wide range of client technologies.

SecureMedia – Encryptonite ONE HLS+

SecureMedia's Encryptonite ONE™ HLS+ leverages the market penetration of Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol to help service providers extend secure linear and on-demand content delivery to connected devices beyond the operator's managed network or the subscriber's home.

Viaccess –Content Security

Based on a pre-encrypted content mode, Viaccess' on-demand content protection supports VOD business models such as rental, subscription and download-to-own as well as push and pull modes over managed or unmanaged IP networks. Hybrid content protection combines a smart card CA for live DVB channels and DRM for on demand content over the internet.