Presented for the Connected TV application that best helps viewers access content of interest or gain an TV enhanced experience.

Other finalists (in alphabetical order)

BBC Future Media iPlayer v3

Launched in Summer 2011, BBC iPlayer v3 for TV has been developed to take the BBC's catch-up experience from the PC and tablet directly onto connected TVs. The application provides access to 500 hours of content from 9 TV channels, the majority of which is refreshed on a weekly cycle.

Deutsche Telekom AG - Liga Total! interactive IPTV football app

With its unique on demand and interactive features LIGA total! interactive provides additional value for Deutsche Telekom's LIGA total! subscribers. The application allows viewers to access a host of additional information and on demand highlights from all games in Germany's first and second Bundesliga divisions.

France Télévisions with IBM and WizTiVi – Roland Garros HbbTV

France Télévisions and IBM,collaborating withWizTiVi, launched France's first HbbTV-based interactive sports broadcast, on two French Digital Terrestrial TV channels, for the prestigious Roland Garros Tennis Tournament in May 2011. A combination of live broadcast TV and internet feeds showing simultaneously on the HbbTV-capable TV screen, enabled sports fans to experience a brand new and compelling way of viewing their favourite programmes.

Samsung Electronics – Your Video

Samsung's Your Video is a bespoke video on demand service, recommending movie clips and TV shows that reflect the viewer's individual tastes. With an easy-to-use recommendation engine, the application offers a straightforward approach to search and discovery of video content from broadcast, apps or the web and is available free of charge on all premium Samsung Smart TVs.

Telecom Italia – Cubovision

Converging DTT, IPTV and Web entertainment, Cubovision has been developed as a new TV experience for Italy. The service offers users an extensive on demand catalogue of films, animated feature films, TV series, documentaries, concerts, cartoons and daily shows. It also supports both HD and 3D.

TV5MONDE – international French-language TV channel

International French-language channel TV5Monde has launched a connected TV application offering the REVOIR catch-up service; a channel devoted to successful African TV programs called TV5Monde+ Afrique and a youth channel Tivi5Monde+. The 10-language EPG covers the previous day as well as the next seven days on the schedule.



This award recognises the applications that transform mobile phones and other portable devices into multimedia devices or secondary screens for locating additional information related to broadcast TV.

Other finalists (in alphabetical order)

Axel Technologies – Fuugo

Personalizing a content stream by blending content choices from broadcast TV, mobile TV, internet TV and video, Fuugo redefines TV by utilizing social media recommendations and multiple content sources for presentation of TV and video programs that match users' favourites, interests, and the likes of their social network.

Motorola Mobility – Social TV Companion Service

Aimed at cable, telco, IPTV and DTH satellite/terrestrial service providers, Motorola's SocialTV Companion Service is a multi-screen interactive application that boosts the enjoyment the consumers' viewing experience by allowing them to engage with their social networks and express their opinions, in real time, about the TV content they are watching.

Samsung Electronics – Smart View

This app for Android tablets and smartphones enables video to be streamed from a connected TV to the portable device over Wi-Fi. The same application also transforms the portable device into a remote control for the connected TV.

TV Genius – Freeview brand engagement app

Created as part of a campaign to increase the reach, reputation and brand engagement of the UK DTT platform, the Freeview iPhone app allowed users to plan their viewing whilst on the go and discover relevant, personalised TV. It also increased the viewership of Freeview content.

VPRO – Money & Speed: Inside the Black Box

Money & Speed: Inside the Black Box is a thriller based on actual events incorporating interviews with those directly involved and data visualizations that reconstruct the fastest and deepest ever U.S. stock market crash. An iPad app, launched immediately after broadcast was dubbed "the Touchdoc: the world first ipad documentary" by one leading Dutch newspaper.



Presented for innovation in new search, content discovery and recommendation techniques.

Other finalists (in alphabetical order)

Digitalsmiths – video discovery solutions

Digitalsmiths applies frame-level meta-data to connect viewers to video content a relevant and personalized way. The company's video discovery solutions, which are independent of content format or destination device, help studios, broadcasters, distributors and publishers monetize their assets across the production and distribution chain. –

A universal video URL platform that enables content providers to publish a single video URL which can deliver videos to any mobile devices or browser, manages all the complexities associated with serving online video including the transcoding, device / browser detection, and streaming.

Gracenote – Home Product Suite

Tapping into the world's largest source of video information, Gracenote's Home Product Suite delivers a smart and simplified connected TV experience. By creating paths for users to explore the worlds of video and music and learn more about their favourite characters, the system connects TV viewers with content that intrigues them.

Gravity – IMPRESS

By learning and understanding subscriber watching behaviour and making real-time personalized recommendations, IMPRESS aims to increase revenues by driving VoD and Pay TV content sales and package up-selling. As well as generating tailored programme offers based on obvious recommendations, the solution can also provide a compelling discovery effect by offering content that has strong relevance to user preferences.

TV Genius – social Content Discovery Platform

The social feature of the TV Genius Content Discovery Platform taps into Twitter and Facebook activity around TV to make social content discovery a reality for viewers. The new service improves the relevance of traditional TV search and recommendation solutions.