Content Awards

Millions of people are taking advantage of our new Connected World to discover and consume multimedia content online. While some see this as a threat to the traditional broadcast model, others consider it to create exciting new opportunities. The content awards aim to recognise the applications and services that are helping to create new opportunities and revenue streams across the broadcast industry.

Two Connected Content Award categories are offered:

Best Connected Application of the Year (click to enter)

The award recognises how applications for connected TVs and other devices are helping viewers locate and access content of interest or gain an enhanced experience of the content. The award is open to any application that can be selected, downloaded or accessed via the internet on a connected TV, connected set-top-box, games console, tablet, smartphone or other multimedia device.

Best Online Content Service of the Year (click to enter)

A host of video-on-demand, streaming and gaming services have been launched by broadcasters and new independent market entrants.  This award recognised the biggest advances and innovations in online content services. The award is open to any online video service provider or any broadcaster with an online video-on-demand or catch-up service or gaming / music service.  Services entered must be consumer-focused and delivered over the internet.

Either the app or services should have been launched somewhere in the world, or significantly updated, between 1st September 2012 and 1st June 2013. 

Judging criteria for both awards will include:

  • The nature and quality of content accessible via the app/service
  • Innovative features
  • Compatible hardware and role of the app in a multi-screen strategy
  • Quality of the user interface/ease-of-use/overall user experience
  • Distribution strategy
  • Target demographics/size of potential audience
  • Number of downloads / viewers
  • Utilisation of the application / service
  • Social media / social TV integration